For almost 15 years I’ve been taking pictures of people and places and things. I started with a 35mm film camera, then a point and shoot digital camera. Back in 2007/8, I thought i’d died and gone to heaven when Mike Hutchings (a celebrated Reuters photographer) let me borrow his personal Canon 350D for the weekend. It was as if a whole new world had opened up for me. From the humble 450D of my own I moved on to a 7D, and then to the 5D Mk3 that I still use today.¬†

I’ve only recently realised that during my working career, every job I’ve been hired for was largely due to my abilities as a photographer and image maker. The people I worked for were (however indirectly) paying me to take pictures, because of the pictures they’ve seen me take in the past. So I figured, if I’m good enough to be employed for my photography, surely I’m good enough to “employ” myself as a photographer.

…and just like that, Otis J. Gore Photography was born. Well, not really born….it’s kinda always been there, shy and in the shadows…..let’s rather say “I saw the light”.